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   Checkerboard 20's Tattoo Needles

Checkerboard Brand
30 Years of Commercially Available Needle Making

No Tearing Needle Packages!
Pre-Cut, Pre-Sliced into individual packages,
 Individual Needles
Boxes of 20
There may be better Looking Boxes But

You cannot buy Better Needles at any Price.

1, 3R, 4 & 5R   $8.80/Box
6 to 13s   $11.80/Box
14 to 18s   $13.80/Box

3+mm Taper x 0.35 mm
3 mm x 0.35 mm
Round Shaders
2 mm x 0.35 mm "B" 0.35
2 mm Heavier Point
Bug Pins
0.29-0.30 mm

Round Shaders
5RS 5RS-B Needle
7RS 7RS -B Needle
8RS 8RS-B Needle
14 RS 14RS-B Needle
18RS 18RS-B Needle
6F 6-Flat Shader
Magnums Soft Edge Magnums
7MS 7MS-Curved Soft
9MS 9MS-Curned Soft
11MS 11MS-Curevd Soft
13MS 13MS-Curved Soft
15MS 15MS-Curved Soft
Bug Pin Curved Bug Pin Straight
7MXCV 7MX-Straight
9MXCV 9MX-Straight
11MXCV 11MX-Straight
13MXCV 13MX-Straight
15MXCV 15MX-Straight

Tens of thousands of Tattoo Artists have chosen Checkerboard.

Thought-out needles, the ones that have worked.
Novice needle makers use the "Shotgun" approach
making everything in every size ...
That's how you can tell ... because...
they are not sure which needles work (they lack experience).

We Made History
The First Commercially available
Tight Needles ... Magnums ...
Bug Pins ... Stacks ... Layered Arrays.
Textured Needles with John James UK...
4 styles of every needle type:
 1, 2, 3, 4 mm  from ultra-tight to floppy.
All Hemming-Phoenix Profiles
from Stainless to Carbon and more.
50 kinds of needle making needles.
Hundreds of distinct
types of needle configurations.
We created the Sterilization Pouch
 to fit Tattoo Needles
which became the standard
for tattoo needles world wide: 2" x 8"
...And the First Commercial Ready-to-Use
Pre-Sterilized needles and tubes,
...And the First Integrators for Tattoo Needles

Being "expert" takes decades of work,
not just selling or making things that everyone else makes and sells,
but making contributions advancing value and knowledge in the industry.
Unimax is an accepted Expert in the field of tools and supplies
for Tattoo and Piercing.

Since 1989

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