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  4A-Apollo-1 Tattoo Machines



Apollo Silver or Black Frame
Steel Frame, Aluminum Base
#4A150Frame $30.00

2- Part Frame

Liner, #4A153 Liner $60.00
Shader, #4A156 Shader $60.00
Liner, #4A152 Liner $60.00
Shader, #4A154 Shader $60.00
#4A Apollo Silver Frame $30.00
#4A Apollo Black Frame $30.00

Coil wraps & parts may differ
than shown.

 #4A156, 154, Black & Silver Apollo
10 wrap coils, 183 Grams
Low Carbon Steel Frame

Coil wraps in Black shrink wrap unless requested otherwise.
Blue, Green, Yellow and Red
shrink wrap is available.


# 4A-152 -  # 4A-154
Liner on left - Shader on right

# 4A-153 -  # 4A-156
Liner on left - Shader on right

# 4A-157 -  # 4A-158
Liner on left - Shader on right

Shopping Cart Ordering

Option Price
# 4A-152 Liner, Black $60.00
# 4A-153 Liner, Silver $60.00
# 4A-157 Liner, Black Frame, Silver Base $60.00
# 4A-154 Shader, Black $60.00
# 4A-156 Shader, Silver $60.00
# 4A-158 Shader, Black Frame, Silver Base $60.00



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