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2014 Brand New
Creation by William Rafti*
Advanced Formula
There has never been
anything as good as this.

Smooth Surface
Soft Human Feel
1/2-Inch Thick
2 Layers

for Fun, Practice
and Exhibition
#24S34, 6" x 6" $30
#24S34P 12" x 6" $54
#24S35 12" x 12" $99

*William Rafti also produced
human parts series.

Silicone Practice Skins
for Fun or Practice
#24S34, 6" x 6"
1mm Thick
for Advanced
Depth Control
#24S34P 6" x 6"
1mm Thick
with Print.
Prints vary.
#24S35 6" x 6"
3mm Thick
#24S36 10" x 14"
3mm Thick
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Practice Skins
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