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Bacitracin Zinc Ointment
Only used in conjunction with Oral Antibiotics.

Vitamin A & D Ointment

Vitamin A&D Versatile Ointment
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# 2 as an Aftercare Ointment to keep tattoo moist.
It is known that a moist wound
heals faster than a dry wound.
Used during Tattooing 
...  and as a piercing needle lubricant.

Petroleum Jelly

# 3 Aftercare Ointment. Used on the skin during Tattooing and as Tattoo after-care to promote healing.
Petroleum Jelly
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Surgilube & Lubricating Jelly


Surgilube for
Piercing Needles.
Surgilube & Lub Jelly
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Hustle Butter Deluxe By Richie Bulldog
#MK-1360 5-Oz Tub $16.00/Ea
#MK-1361 Individual Foil Packet $2.00/Ea
#MK-1362 Mini-tub display $178.00
#MK-1363 1-Oz Mini Tub $9.50
#MK-1364 Hustle Helper Spray $12.00


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