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Instrument Care  Cleaning Alconox Detergent Powder Cleaner, Instrument Care


# MC-1117
Alconox Powder, 4-Lb. Box, $
2 Tablespoons makes 1 Gal of Cleaner
Chosen as the cleaning agent of choice
by more tattooists and piercers because 
it rinses completely clean.
It does not leave a soap film on tools or surfaces.
# MC-1118
Alconox Powder, 
50 Individual. Packets $ 29.95 Box of 50


Order # MC-1402
Surgical Instrument
Stain Remover.

# MC-1403 $ 7.99
Spray Lube
Surgical Ointment


# MC-1121
Magic Green Jewelry Cleaner
$ 10.35 16-Oz. Powder


  # MA-1195
Buelle, Instrument Soak 1-Gallon  $ 20.99
Soak to prevent rust and corrosion.