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Alconox Powdered
Precision Cleaner

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A good choice because Alconox rinses off without leaving a soap film on tools or surfaces. Used for ultrasonic cleaning of tools.

# MC1117 Alconox Bulk Powder
2-3 Tablespoons makes 1 Gal

4-Lb. Box

Information about Cleaning

Option Price
# MC1117 Alconox Powder, 4-Lb. Box
#MC1116, 4-Oz Container Alconox $12.95

2 Tablespoons makes 1 Gal of Cleaner.
Chosen as the cleaning agent of choice because it rinses completely clean by not leaving a soap film on tools or surfaces.
# MC1120 MadaClenz Plus Gallon for Protein and Enzyme removal. $32.52
# MC1121 Magic Green 16 Oz Jar of Powered Jewelry Cleaner for Gold and Silver. $10.35
# MC1402 Miltex Surgical Instrument Stain Remover $ 9.95
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# MC1119 Ultrasonic G.P.C. Gallon Ultrasonic General General Purpose Cleaner for removal of compounds, pumice, etc.
Check with Ultrasonic Manufacturer that your ultrasonic can withstand this product.
Electrowave Ultrasonic Cleaners are approved. Mix 1 part to 10 parts water.
Contains: potassium hydroxide.
Personal Safety Precautions:
Use Safety glasses and protective gloves, Provide adequate ventilation.
Corrosive - may cause serious burns.

Eye contact: Immediately flush the eye with plenty of water. Continue for at least ten minutes and call for immediate medical help.
Skin contact: Wash off with plenty of water. Remove any contaminated clothing. If the skin reddens or appears damaged, call for medical aid.
If swallowed: Drink plenty of water and call for immediate medical help
$ 19.40