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   MK1360 Hustle Butter Tattoo Aftercare

Hustle Butter By Richie Bulldog
#MK-1360 Big 5-Oz Tub $21.95
#MK-1363 1-Oz Mini-Tub $14.50
#MK-1362 24 Tub Mini-Tub Display $189.95
#MK-1361 Individual Foil Packets $2.50/Ea
#MK-1361-50 50-Foil Packs $100.00
#MK-1359 5-Oz Anesthetic Helper $39.99

Luxurious Hustle Butter made from
Natural Ingredients.
Amazingly proactive during not only the healing stages, but during the tattoo application process as well. Hustle Butter is 100% Petroleum Free and made mostly of natural shea mango butter.