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  Antiseptics for Skin Preparation.  What are Antiseptics.   
Green Soap, Skin Cleaner           
Tattoo Healing Explained

Green Soap
Antiseptic soap traditionally used
 for washing and degerming skin.

1 part Green Soap
9 parts  Water
Used as an initial skin wash before
prepping with an alcohol wipe, and
during tattooing for general on-going wiping
and final clean-up.

#MA1277 4 Oz $2.50/Bottle, no pkg required
#MA1273  16 Oz $5.59/Pint, no pkg required
#MA1272 GALLON $18.74/Gal
Though not used as an ink diluent, which would require
non-saline sterile water or equivalent, your Health Dept
may require specific types of water.
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