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  Antiseptics for Skin Preparation.  What are Antiseptics.

Jewelry Cleaning

Alcohol wipes and other "baby-type" wipes are an effective and easy way to clean jewelry when showering is not available.

For jewelry that is being worn, cleaning in the shower is the simplest method to remove debris and microorganisms. 

Soaps and cleaning products that the client already uses would be the first choice because they are already tolerated by the client's skin.  Alcohol wipes should not be routinely used on the skin, but can be used for just the jewelry parts.

Soap and skin cleansing preparations are safe for normal skin.

If you don't have the experience and training to be considered a medical professional then your personal preferences based on your experiences should be kept to yourself.

Your personal experience with a certain product is not valid as proof that the product is appropriate.  Your experiences cannot, should not, invalidate or contradict recommendations on healing as published and accepted in scientific and medical literature.  If accepted medical practice recommends "Best Practice" you are obliged to follow those guidelines.

Just because you think that your experiences with a certain product are good is not a valid reason to ignore the advice of experienced medical professionals and replace their advice with your own.

If you have personal preferences you must realize that you are not a clinician or medical professional who knows the differences based on training and experience.  Using a manufacturer's claims or studies is not appropriate to establish fact.

Customers are not experimental subjects for your product. 

You can read any of the publications of the prestigious Institute of Medicine and learn why we need to base our recommendations on evidence, not innuendo, not isolated cases, not supplier advertisements and
certainly not based on your individual experience.

This is not valid:
"The customer healed because the products I used are the best."

The "truth" is more like:
"The customer healed in spite of what you told them to do."

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