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  Antiseptics for Skin Preparation. 
 What are Antiseptics.

Skin Prep for tattoo and piercing:

Step 1:  wash with soap and water 

Step 2:  wipe with alcohol or alcohol wipes.  Method: Wipe in concentric circles from the inside to the outside using a fresh side of the wipe for each swipe. 

Washing is the most important part because the greatest number of microbes are removed from the surface during this process.  It is not the killing power of the antiseptic that does the most work.
<Though rare in tattoo and body piercing, if skin infection is suspected, wipe the area with alcohol repeatedly and seek medical attention. 

Skin infections are mostly minor, self-resolving with local antiseptic cleaning,
a little care.

Antibiotics taken orally are the medical choice for fighting infections
prescribed by your health care provider.

It is important to seek medical attention for any skin condition that doesn't look normal to you.
Wiping the area with Alcohol repeatedly is "Best Practice" until you can contact your health care provider.