Description & Control Panel

The Tattanator is a different approach.

 "Voltage-control" power supplies
-- which is all others --
No matter how wonderful the screen looks
they ALL regulate ONLY the quantity of Voltage:
the greater the Voltage (Speed) the harder it hits.
And that's the problem.

The Tattanator does not use Voltage for Control.
The Tattanator literally
1. turns ON and OFF (Faster/Slower = Speed) and
2. controls how long it stays ON in each cycle.
There is an ON time and there is an OFF time.
The longer it stays ON the more powerfully the
tattoo machine hits
3. A bonus may be during slow down during OFF.
You can feel the slowing on Rotaries, Pens
and Coils when using a Tattanator: feels like
give or dwell.

Other power supplies are constantly ON
until you release the footswitch.
The Tattanator functions differently.  
Now you know.