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Eyes are stimulated by PHOTOPIC (brightness / color) and SCOTOPIC (contrast / details).  Ottlite trademarked proprietary light formula, "508" technology, utilizes both wavelengths.

Optimal lighting selects wavelengths.  As you get less than 5000 you will get yellower light, and as you get higher than 6000 you get into blues and reds.

Ottlite's "508" technology c
olor temperature of 5000 – 6000 Kelvin, and Ottlite's color rendering index of 90+ allows the best range to produce bright / beautiful colors and crisp contrast / details. Compared to industry standards and measures, our products produce among the closest to natural unobstructed daylight as it enters a room at early afternoon.

Reducing eyestrain and glare,  a/k/a "tired eyes", by creating light that more approximates how the eye works, produces maximum comfort, clarity, definition and color.  The answer is Ottlite's low heat, energy efficient Ottlite bulbs, rated to last up to 10,000 hours.