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Brand New
Work Station Size
Special Price  $199.00

Stainless Steel
Ultrasonic Cleaner

Manufactured for Unimax
World Famous
L & R Ultrasonic
Made in USA
#29B-70   $199.00   
PC-3 18-Oz High Performance Ultrasonic Cleaner
All Stainless Steel Construction. Made in USA.
Self-contained unit includes Heat.
ON/OFF Sanitary Switch and Cover.
More Information and Accessories.
Free Trial Size of "Ink-Out" with Purchase
ID Tank
Tank Cap.
5"H x 5.25"W x 4"L
2.5"D x 4.75"W x 3.5"L
0.2 Amp, 22 Watts
70 Watts, 55 kHz, 110V
18 Oz.
Stainless Steel


#29B-70 18-Oz Ultrasonic w/Cover


Accessories/Replacement Parts
#29B-65 2-Cup S/S Positioning Cover $18.00

#29B-45 S/S Wire Mesh Basket
Accessories/Replacement Parts
#29B-45 S/S Wire Mesh Basket $52.00
Accessories/Replacement Parts
#29B-13 S/S Cover $22.00
Picture Not Available
Accessories/Replacement Parts
#29B-11 Set of 2 Glass Beakers $14.00
Absorbent Counter Covers
#MB-15 Counter ZorbŪ $11.15
Ink-Out Tattoo Ink Cleaner
#MC-1123 "Ink-Out" Tattoo Ink Cleaner
Makes 16 Gallons of Solution
#MC-1122 Quart $10.00







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