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  KTAT2197, Drawing with Great Needles

Drawing with Great Needles
Ancient Tattoo Traditions of North America
Hard Cover
6-1/2" x 9-1/4",
293 Pages
Includes References and Index


Editors: Aaron Deter-Wolf and Carol Diaz-Granados
1. Native American Tattooing
in the Protohistoric Southeast

Antoinette B. Wallace
2. Needle in a Haystack
Examining the Archaeological
Evidence for Prehistoric Tattooing
Aaron Deter-Wolf
3. Swift Creek Paddle Designs as Tattoos
Ethnographic Insights on Prehistoric
Body Decoration and Material Culture
Benjamin A. Steere
4. Tattoos, Totem Marks, and War Clubs
Projecting Power through Visual Symbolism
in Northern Woodlands Culture
Lars Krutak
5. The Art of Enchantment
Corporeal Marking and
Tattooing Bundles of the Great Plains
Lars Krutak
6. Identifying the Face of the Sacred
Tattooing the Images of Gods and Heroes
in the Art of the Mississippi Period
F. Kent Reilly III
7. Dhegihan Tattoos
Markings that consecrate, Empower,
and Designate Lineage
James R. Duncan
8. Snaring Life from the Stars
and the Sun
Mississippian Tattooing and the Enduring
Cycle of Life and Death
David H. Dye