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  MB1230, MB1231 Unimax Paper/Poly Barrier Cloths - Vacuum Pack  Shopping Cart

Unimax 3-Ply Dry
Bib/Lap Cloth
Tray & Table Top
Lavender - Green - Blue
Vacuum Pack

3-Ply Facial Tissue/Poly Film
19" x 13"
(48cm x 33cm)
Lavender - Green - Blue - Black
"Vacuum-Pack" SAVES SPACE
BLACK is a slightly Higher price.
#MB1232, Case of 500 $29.00
#MB1233, Package of 125 $10.00
#MB-1231 50 / Pack
Lavender - Green - Blue
#MB-1230 10 Packs of 50/Case
Lavender - Green - Blue
For anticipated wet conditions use Crosstex Towels