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Tattoo Sets

The Unimax Traveler Set # 28105   $ 399

Unimax Traveler Power Supply
Any Machine $ 220 or less
Tredlite Foot Switch
Clip Cord
20 Needles
Your Choice
2 Tubes with Grips
Stainless Steel
6 - 1/2-oz Inks and cups
Your Choice

The Unimax Traveler Power Supply
incorporates a very good 
ten-turn potentiometer that's built to last. 
The detachable power cord 
makes for good packing in small
Your choice of machine,
ink colors, tubes and needles.
Appropriate medical supplies are 
to be purchased separately.
Also see The Travel Set #28106

Requires sponsorship.
What does it mean?

Helpful Hints and Pointers about  Troubleshooting your
Learn how to safely
Insert needles in tubes