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    Kit "H" $399.00, Made in USA

Quality Components suitable for experienced artists. 
Kit "H" $399.00, Made in USA

Contents shown below.
Kit "H" $399.00
Industry-Wide Experience
Knowledge and Experience.
Become Independent and stay Free.
Follow Local Health Department,
State and Federal Regulations.
Details of Kit "H" shown here.
Silver Star Liner Tattoo Machine
10 Wrap Coils
188 Grams
Made in USA
Black JAWS Shader Tattoo Machine
10 Wrap
264 Grams
Made in USA
Digital Traveler USA

Power Supply, For use 110 ~ 240 Volts
0 ~ 12 Volts
Made in USA
Spring Clip Cord
Made in USA

Treadlite Foot Switch
Made in USA

REAL Top-of-the-Line Inks
Choose: StarBrite, Kuro Sumi or EO One.
1/2-Oz Bottles
10 Major Color Set
Made in USA
Kuro Sumi
1/2-Oz Bottles
10 Major Color Set
Made in USA
1/2-Oz Bottles
10 Major Color Set
Made in USA
StarBrite will be supplied unless Kuro Sumi or EO One is specified.
Assorted Ink Cups
Made in USA
White Combo Needle and Tube,
White Combo 3/4" Grip, Ready to Use.
5-pack #C-5RL, 5-Round Liner
5-pack #C-8RL, 8 Round Liner
Made by Unimax in China
Purple Combo Needle and Tube,
Purple Combo 1" Grip, Ready to Use.
5-pack #CP-8RS, 8 R Shaders
5-pack #CP-7MS, 7 Magnum Shaders
Made by Unimax in China
    Nipples for needle bars, #4BT-314
Made in USA

Rubber Bands, #4BT-316
Made in USA
Allen Wrenches

Made in USA

Extra Springs, #2Sets
Made in USA

Sharps Disposal Container
Made in USA
Check with your local Health Department for regulations concerning disposal of sharps for tattooing.
Blow Molded Carry Case
Made in USA
Professional Components suitable for Professional use.
This kit does not include  
gloves, etc. that you must use for tattooing. 
Check with your local health department.
Follow local rules and regulations.
For students without a Tattoo License,
practice on "Practice Skins".
  • Hepatitis B is one virus you can be vaccinated against.
    Check with your doctor (Health Department or health care provider)
    to learn more about the hepatitis B vaccine and where you can get it.
  • Law requires employees who may be exposed to blood
    to attend at least yearly bloodborne pathogen training.
  • Be sure to check with your local health department
    to find out more about your state and local rules and regulations.
  • For more information
    on preventing occupational exposures
    to bloodborne pathogens
    Call 1-800-35-NIOSH
    or visit:
    DHHS Publication Number 2007-137