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  #24S-3020, All Nylon Brushes, 3 Brush Set
3 Nylon Cleaning Brushes
$ 3.95/Set of 3
# 24S-3009 Nylon, Brass, Stainless Steel 3 Brush Set

# 24S-3009
Wood Handle Brushes for Cleaning
3 Brush Set, Nylon, Brass & S/S
S/S should NOT be used on S/S Products.
$4.95/Set of 3

The tube in the illustration is included
to show relative sizes.
Tube is not included in brush sets.

Nylon Bristle Brushes to Clean
Tattoo Tips and Tubes
Individual Brushes, $ 1.50 Each
#24S-3008 Tip Brush-14R $1.50/Ea
#24S-3007 Tip Brush-8R $1.50/Ea
#24S-3006 Tip Brush-for 3R & 5R $1.50/Ea
#24S-3010 Tube Brush 6-Inch Long $1.50/Ea
#24S-3014 6", 3R Tip Brush
(Not Shown)
#24S-3005 3R, 8R, 14R, Set of 3 $4.00
#24S-3012 Set of 4 $5.00
#24S-3013 Set of 5 $6.00
# 24S-3004
Short stem Micro Dental Brushes
Hold with Hemostat
$ 3.30/pack of 2