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Unimax was asked to be the the first to distribute Cheyenne in the U.S.A.

Cheyenne Power Supplies, PU1, PU2 

These items are in stock.

#PU-1 Single Machine

Cheyenne  Hawk
Connects One Machine at a time.
Touching screen or foot switch turns machine on until touching screen or hitting foot switch
turns it off.
PU1  $250.00



Connects Two Machines at a time
PU2 $285.00

Hawk-Foot Switch

Cheyenne Round Footswitch
with RCA Plug

These Footswitches with RCA terminations work with Cheyenne
#11EX294 Footswitch

$24.95 Complete
Made in USA Treadlite with RCA Plug
Works with
Hawk Power Supplies

Not a Cheyenne Product.
#11EX304 Footswitch

$59.00 Complete
Made in USA Gem Switch
with RCA Plug.
Works with
Hawk Power Supplies
Not a Cheyenne Product.

Foot Switch Stays on when Pressed, turns off when pressed.
Touch Screen also controls the Foot Switch by
Touching the Screen for Machine On/Off.
Touch screen to also increase/decrease speed.
PU-1 connects to one machine at a time.
PU-2 connects to two individually selectable machines.
Touch Screen on PU2 to select Machine I or Machine II
Footswitch sold separately.
Price of Power Supply does not include Foot Switch.
Start-up cable not needed for any Cheyenne Hawk Tattoo Machine
when using Cheyenne Power Supplies.

Cheyenne Policy Implementation: New unused equipment are to be
returned to the seller within 14 days. 
Warranty service on equipment beyond 14 days are to be returned to the seller
of your most recent needle cartridge purchases.

Don't forget to order these Accessories
Invented by Unimax as Aftermarket products.
(Not Cheyenne products.)

Easy Identification Marking.

Sleeves Help Prevent Unnecessary Sterilizing
Best Choice for Cheyenne Hawk Technology
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