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  Cheyenne  "Hawk" The Original Design CALL, PERHAPS 1 LEFT!

Some Original Hawks have been discovered.
We offer these to Collectors and Cheyenne Enthusiasts
Original Hawks in Sealed Original Cheyenne Boxes
with original 19mm hand pieces. Head not sold separately
Fair Price: $500.00 per set.
Only sold as a set.
However you can order more
hand pieces for $150/Each.

First come first serve. No returns.
Sold as New in a sealed box as received from Cheyenne.
Original Hawk Head, Black.
19mm Original Hand Piece in Black, Orange, Red, Blue and Silver.
Hand pieces should not be sterilized, nor allow liquid sprays
to seep inside the mechanism. Wipe then with hard surface wipes.
Keep hand pieces covered with protective
Unimax barrier bags that seal the hand piece.  #MB1162
Do not over tighten the hand piece.
A Seized grip means it was over tightened.
Be gentle when ratcheting the grip, returns not accepted.
Price does not include power supply or foot switch.
Sold as is in sealed Cheyenne Boxes.
Cheyenne Connecting Cords supplied separately
and are not in the factory sealed box.

The Original Cheyenne Hawk was discontinued.
Check out the 2nd Generation SPIRIT and the
3rd Generation THUNDER

Don't forget to order these important Accessories
Invented by Unimax. Aftermarket products.
(Not  Cheyenne products.)
Cartridge Holder prevents Roll-Around
Sleeves prevent Unnecessary Sterilizing

Unimax - Best Choice for Cheyenne Hawk Technology
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