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Unimax Creations

Any Shader can do line work.
Usually a liner must change springs to shade well.

Squeeze chuck.
Light Weight
Single Coil Aluminum
4-1/4 Oz.,
120 Grams
10 Wrap Coil
$165.00 #4A105
Not a Shop
Heavy Duty Machine.

Solid Brass  Strongman
# 4H155S
Heavy Weight might be good for Big Back Work taking advantage of the weight to penetrate.

Light Weight
Aluminum Strongman

Liner, # 4H152L
Aluminum does not hold threading well. Not a good choice for sustained work but it is light.
May heat up.

Aluminum and Brass frames require a yoke.
Threaded screws into any Aluminum part will strip the frame
if "over" tightened. Brass is also maleable.