Spider Webb's Annie Sprinkle Tattoo Machine and OZ Box.
The only Bit of History Marking this union.
Patrick Fafard writes "History does not speak for itself."
As Clayton Patterson of NYTS reminds us:
If we don't document our history, it never existed.
No one will know what was done.

Historic  NYC Tokens Box
The OZ Box
Annie Sprinkle Tattoo Machine
Annie Sprinkle Hair Poke
Vol. 1 Dragons
Flash Dragons
Classic Flash 1
Classic Flash 2
Historic Flash
Military Flash


Spider and Annie engraved their signature marks
on the bottom attesting its authenticity.




Spider Webb and Annie Sprinkle

Containing items worn by Annie Sprinkle in the day.

Spider Webb's
Annie Sprinkle Tattoo Machine and Box.
Brass frame completely hand fashioned by Spider Webb.
Hand engraved on every surface both inside and out.
Contact Screw cast in Sterling Silver. Binding post cast.
Sliding Rear Binding Post for Back Spring.
Center of side post inlay contains items from her performance days:
A Bobby Pin surreally bent and a Lock of her hair inlaid above bobby pin.
Below is inserted a gem from her jewelry.
Wrapped around the bottom is some of her dental floss.
The back also contains more inlay from jewelry used during those days.
Spider and Annie both engraved their signatures
on the bottom creating an historical artifact.

Item's from Annie: costume, jewelry garter belt, magazine. Items from Annie's performance wardrobe.

Tattoo Art Creations by Spider Webb

Also included are these books: