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  NeoTat & Vivace Tattoo Machines by Ray Webb #4A430

4A430, NeoTat & 4A435 Vivace by Ray Webb

Authentic Ray Webb Designs
Linear Motion Tattoo Machine by Ray Webb




2.5mm Stroke

3.5mm Stroke

4.2mm Stroke




Originator of the Slide

Authentic Original "NeoTat"
Linear Motion Tattoo Machine by Ray Webb


Operates at 8 - 18 volts.
Uses industry standard
needle and tube sizes.
#4A-430  $269.00

1.8mm Stroke Colors:

2.5mm Stroke Colors:

3.5mm Stroke Colors:

Specify Color and Stroke
Unique Invention by Ray Webb
Clip on Slide holds needle bar.
Rubber Bands not necessary

The motor is on the bottom of the machine
and pulls the needle slider down and back up
in a perfectly straight reciprocal action
without side to side wobble.
#4A-430  $269.00, 156 grams (5.57 Oz.)
Complete with Cord
Price does not include Needle or Tube.
Frame made in USA
Motor Made in China

"NeoTat" Hardware Set

Clip Cord with 1/4" Phono Plug (Without footswitch attachment) #11EX234 $22.50
Combo TredLite Foot Switch and NeoTat Clip Cord #11EX317 $45.00

I would give my NeoTat a Five Star Rating.
Love the way it lays lines and packs in that color with little or no noise.
The customers love the quietness and the way it feels.
I have also used them all day and they don't overheat.

Cassidy, Age 34, Male, Owner of Tattoo Shop, Idaho