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Unimax Strongman Tattoo Machines,

Unimax Strongman
a/k/a  “The Monster”
Heavyweight Original Design
by Wes Wood

  • Vibration absorbing frame.

  • 10-wrap coils for maximum power

  • Range of strokes from 1mm - 4mm

  • Does not bog down

One of the "Strongest Machines in the World"

A Super Class machine that makes heavy shading more predictable because it has power at lower volts and amps.  No loss of power and no heating up after hours of work. Stability and heft helps eliminate slaving over the work.  The Unique “anti-vibration” design may help prevent fatigue caused by excessive vibration.

The base is 9mm thick allowing modifications s and customization.
266 grams, Over 10 Oz

Frames made in China
Coils and parts made in USA