Eternal Ink Set of 50 Tattoo Colors

Sets of 50 Colors
Available in 1/2-Oz, 1-Oz, 2-Oz and 4-Oz size bottles.

1/2 Oz Set #ETR-05SET50 $269.00
1 Oz Set #ETR-01SET50 $490.00
2 Oz Set #ETR-02SET50 $879.00
4 Oz Set #ETR-04SET50 $1525.00

Eternal Ink Tattoo Colors Collection
Eternal collection featuring 50 freshly designed colors.
For all tattoo work.

Featuring the following colors:
Avocado,  Blue Concentrate,  Bright Orange,  Bright Yellow,  Brown, Caramel, Crimson Red,  Dark Brown,  Dark Cobalt,  Dark Purple,  Dark Red,  Deep Red, Dusty Rose,  Flesh Tone,  Georgia Peach,  Golden Yellow,  Graffiti Green,  Grass Green,  Gray,  Green Concentrate,  Hot Pink,  Jungle Green, Lavender,  Light Magenta,  Light Purple,  Light Red,  Lightning Yellow,  Lime Green,  Lining Black, Lipstick Red,  Magenta,  Mint Green,  Nuclear Green,  Ochre,  Olive,  Orange, Peacock Blue,  Periwinkle,  Pink,  Plum,  Purple Concentrate,  Sky Blue, Spearmint,  Sunflower,  Tangerine,  Triple Black,  True Blue,  Turquoise,  White