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Another example of the
Leadership Unimax has played
in the development of piercing technology.


Registered Industry-Wide Experience since 1989

OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Regulations (Standards)
apply to tattoo and piercing.

Your single most important protection is
Vaccination against hepatitis.  
See your doctor or health care provider.
Before piercing anyone, get your immunization.

Learn first - then Earn.
No Sales of Needles to minors.

New Gloves
Practice Universal Precautions
Use Sterile Single-Use Needles
are sufficient to protect
the health of the community.

Regulations relating to the premises 
(lighting, floors, walls etc.) 
to reduce infection rates in shops,
are a waste of taxpayer money
because they have no effect on infection rates.
Dr. Benjamin Mojica, Department of Health
Acting Commissioner, NYC
during NY City Council Hearings, 1997

What does it mean
when we say
"Purchase of Sharps may require sponsorship?"

Piercing KIT- #PK45 - $195.50
44 Piercings KIT #PK44 - $ 299.00
12 Piercing Kit, #PK12 - $199.00
JUMBO STORE Piercing KIT #PK2 - $ 499.00
The BIG PIERCING KIT #PK1 - $ 329.00
Micro Dermal Kit #PK30
Navel and Eyebrow Body Piercing Kit
Mini Piercing Kits, $ 50 each
Captive Bead Ring Body Piercing Kit
Short List of common sizes
Jewelry & Needle Packs used for piercing