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  Types of Pliers
# PT-1201 Plier $ 7.95
All Stainless Steel Autoclavable Flat Nose Plier
# PT-1202
Narrow Flat Nose Plier
# PT-1203
Groved Needle or Wire Holding Plier
# PT-1204
Nylon Jaw Face Plier
Bend Nostril Screws Perfectly -
No experience required.
# RCP-03, $ 7.95
Bead Holding Ring Closing Autoclavable Plier Small
# PT-1206
Round Nose Autoclavable Bending Plier
# PT-1207
Round Nose Bending Jewelry Making Plier
# PT-1208
Wire Bending Plier
# PT-1209 Cantilever Jaw Plier
# PT-1210 Cutting Plier for Nostril Screws
  # PT-1211, Great for Bending Nostril Screws
  PT1222 - Gauge Wheel
  PT1213 - Lorna Towel Forcep