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EO Gas Processed   Disposable

Individual Peel-Back Blister Packs

Use with a rubber band for more holding power.

Unimax Invention: Piercing Clips™
Minimizes Discomfort for your client:
No Rough Teeth. No Sharp Edges.
Doesn't hurt. Always CLEAN.
Teeth slightly curved inward.
Try it on your own eyebrow.
Painless. Does not fall off.
Slotted for easy removal.
No juggling act.
Control of Inventory.
Piercers Love this savings:
No Cleaning,
No Packaging,
No Sterilizing.
No Spore Testing.
Unless you can document your reprocessing
training and supervision you are left open
for legal action.

Modern Design -- Customer-Friendly
Piercing Clips
Compare to coming at the customer with
Stainless Steel "Hospital" tools.
Anything that helps to calm "nervous" clients is good.
Anything that is "scary" is bad.
The argument is strong.

Piercing ClipsTM
Piercing Clips
Cheaper than reprocessing Metal tools.
It costs about $1.25 to re-process tools.
Not counting time and investment in equipment..

Disposable -- Single-Use
Lot Number Certificates
Piercing Clip

Piercing is not a medical procedure, but an extension of ear piercing to the eyebrow, nose, navel, nipple, lip and other suitable areas. Piercing can be a stepping stone to medical careers, but you don't have to be medically trained to do piercing.

The Piercing Clip is a good move away from looking like hospital-use because the Piercing Clip is designed for Piercing. It is a relief and refreshing to move into our own realm with our own tools developed for our needs, not used in the operating room.

We do piercing, not open infection-prone surgery.
Piercing Clips are simple, safe, and effective.

Welcome to UNIMAX
Not just a "sales" company.

Developing Unimax technology for piercing.

Traditional shape
Disposable Plastic Forcep