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Body Jewelry is classified by shape. This style is "Ring" Shape.

The ball is not attached but is held in by pressure only and is
called a "Captive Bead" Ring or CBR.  How to
1f-1.JPG (18720 bytes) 1g-1.JPG (19738 bytes)
sr14r716.JPG (30918 bytes) This type of ring is called a
"Seamless" Ring and though it
can be spread apart the same
way as a Captive Bead Ring it
will go "Out of Round" and should
be bent sideways.
sr16-sfa716.JPG (30248 bytes) This ring style is called a "Fixed Bead"
ring because the ball is welded to one
side and should be opened the same as
a "Seamless" Ring.