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Sharps Hazard Waste Disposal Containers

   Sharps-tainer Maxxim Sharps Container

Maxxim Sharps-tainer
Sharps Container

Horizontal Insertion
and Vertical Insertion

All used Needles must be discarded immediately after use into an appropriate Sharps Container. OSHA**

#MT-1298 1 Quart Mini $2.99
#MT-1295 3.3 Quart $7.15
#MT-1277 6.6 Quart $9.49
Call you local Health Department
or EPA for Disposal regulations.
** In application it means you must put the needle into the sharps container and the sharps container
must be within reach.
It would not be permitted to walk to a sharps container for disposal.
The needle cannot be placed on a surface after use prior to discarding it.
The word "must" is an absolute that does not allow for exception.