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Red Sharps Containers Disposal, Hazard Waste Containers, Sharps Disposal,

Red Sharps Containers

Wall Mounting Bracket only works with 4 Qt, 8 Qt and 14 Qt  Sharps Containers

Red Sharps Containers
for Sharps Waste.

All used Needles must be discarded immediately after use into an appropriate Sharps Container. OSHA

#MT-1249 5.4 Qt. -- New $7.54
#MT-1251 4 Quart $5.39
#MT-1252 5 Quart $6.55
#MT-1253 8 Quart $7.69
#MT-1254 14 Quart $11.79
#MT-1258 Wall Mounting Bracket $8.50
Call you local Health Department
or EPA for Disposal regulations.