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  Dry Heat Pouches and Bags Products


Nylon Dry Heat Pouches

 WARNING Soldered parts can melt when using Dry Heat and paper bags can char.
Nylon Pouches at Dry Heat Temperatures should be separated and
not touch metal.  Burnt edges and sticking to metal or together may result.
You must follow manufacturer's instructions for proper sterilization method of
the items you wish to sterilize.
Choosing a sterilization method is not arbitrary. For needles and tubes you should not choose Dry Heat.
You cannot choose a different method than what is recommended by the item manufacturer.
Nylon Dry Heat pouches
Clear, See-Thru Nylon
Self-sealing Pouches.
# MS-1182, 2" X 9.5" $20.00
# MS-1184, 4" X 10" $23.00
Dry Heat Indicators
# MS-1238
Dry Heat Indicators

by Raven Biological

Roll of 1,000 perforated indicators
per box
# MS-1238, 1000/Box $26.49