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  Apron, Lab Coat, Gowns, Sleeves

 Inspires "Professional" Confidence.  Paper Lap Cloths

  #MB1285, MB1286, Apron/Lap Cloth
Light Weight and Tough
Disposable Apron
or fold over for
Waist and lap protection.
Individually packed.
#MB-1286 Pack of 5 $2.50
#MB-1285 Box of 100 $7.95


  # MB-1280 Lab Coats inspire Professional confidence.
Wash, Sterilize
Disposable Lab Coats
# MB-1280
Washable 5 times,
Medium - Large - X-tra Large
Tattooing, Piercing Cleaning
Elastic Cuffs,
3 - Pockets, 
Long Sleeve,
Snap Buttons

   # MB-1149 Patient Gowns

# MB-1149 Box/5
# MB-1150 Box 50
Paper with Ties in Back

$8.50/Box of 5
$59.72/Box 50

  # MB-1158 Sleeves, Barrier protection

Staged Photo for illustration of sleeve use.
Also use as Clip Cord Cover.
# MB-1158

$3.00/Pack of 10
$7.95/100 Pack
Cut holes in the bicep area to allow air to circulate.