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  Unimax  "Hospital-type"  package  fights  cross contamination. "Carded" - Nostril Screws

       Aspetic Presentation
Internal Card Packaging
Body Piercing Needle (50mm) with 316L Jewelry, EO Gas Processed

Straight Barbell Aseptic "Carded" Presentation Packs
Hospital-type" package  prevents  cross  contamination.
The assistant only touches the non-sterile outside of the pouch
and "presents" the untouched card to the sterile gloves of the practitioner.

Nostril Screw
Presentation Packs
1-19, $2.65Ea.
20-49 $2.29/Ea.
50 + $1.99/Ea.
Plain 1/2-Ball, #1917NOST
Gem 1/2-Ball, #1917NOSGEM
Never miss a connection again.
Unimax created at 19G wire size for
The Nostril Screw to fit inside a
custom made 17G needle.
We make 2 kinds of 17G needles.
One standard, and one for nostril piercing.

Also Pre-Pack Jewelry Only (EO Gas processed) without the needle
  • Features
    Advanced Conformance Packaging

  • Card Mounted Jewelry and Needle

  • Needle held in place

  • Jewelry held in place

  • Needle tip protected

  • Internal & External Integrators

  • Advantages

  • Jewelry and Needle in one package

  • Certificate of EO Gas

  • Expiration Date & Lot No.

  • Inventory Control

  • Presentation Packaging

Also Aseptic Option

Blister Pack Jewelry Only
- No Needle -
(EO Gas processed)

"I love the carded piercing stock!
They are the best!"

Mike @ Tattoo,  Tennessee, April 18, 2014
"Hospital-type"  package  fights  cross  contamination.