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Use with or without piercing.

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Beautiful Petite Septum Nose Clickers
16G, 6mm Bar, 9.5mm Diameter

#NOS263 - $2.79/Ea
Gold plated, 16G

#NOS264 - $2.45/Ea
Gold plated, 16G

#NOS265 - $2.45/Ea
Rose gold plated, 16G

#NOS266 - $2.45/Ea
SS clear gem, 16G

#NOS267 - $2.45/Ea
SS clear gem, 16G

#NOS268 - $2.25/Ea
Gold plated , 16G

#NOS269 - $2.25/Ea
SS heart design, 16G

#NOS270 - $2.55/Ea
SS clear gem, 16G

#NOS271 - $2.25/Ea
SS design, 16G

#NOS272 - $2.55/Ea
Gold plated, turquoise
and clear gems, 16G

#NOS273 - $2.55/Ea
Black coated SS
with gems16G

#NOS274 - $1.98/Ea
SS rope design, 16G

#NOS275 - $1.98/Ea
Crown burnished
gold plated, 16G

#NOS276 - $1.98/Ea
SS double hoop, 16G

#NOS277 - $1.98/Ea
Crown burnished
gold plated,16G

#NOS278 - $1.98/Ea
SS twist design,16G

#NOS279 - $3.25/Ea
SS multi gem, 16G

#NOS280 - $2.55/Ea
Rosegold plated, 16G

#NOS281 - $2.55/Ea
SS 3 gems,16G

#NOS282 - $2.55/Ea
SS 3 gems,16G

#NOS283 - $2.75/Ea
Rose gold plated, 16G

#NOS284 -  $2.75/Ea
SS gems, 16G

#NOS285 - $2.90/Ea
Goldplated gems, 16G


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