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All Black Shapes Black Titanium Coated Surgical Stainless

This is the Index of Picture Pages for Black Titanium Coated Jewelry.
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Black Circular Barbells Group Page

Black Barbells Group Page
Black CBR Group Page

Black Titanium Coated Circular Barbells
BCIR-0100 Black Titanium Coated Stainless Steel, Circular Barbells
BCIR-0101 Black CIR 14G Ball Ends
BCIR-0107 Black Titanium Coated Stainless Steel, 14 Gauge Circular Barbells
BCIR-0111 Black CIR 8G Spike Ends
BCIR-0200 Black CIR 14G Spikes
BCIR-0202 Black Twister 14G Spikes
BCIR-0203 Black CIR 14G Spikes
BCIR-0204 Black 14G CIR Ball Ends
BCIR-0205 Black 14G Loose Spikes
BT-0100 Black Twisters
1Black Titanium Coated Navel Curve Barbells
BV-0100 Black Curves, 14G 1-Gem
BV-0200 Black Curves, 14G, 1 Gem Small
BV-0300 Black Curves, 14G, 2 Gems $1.95/Each
BV-0400 Black Curves, 14G Multi-Gems
BV-0500 Black Curves, 16G, 14G, Black Balls
BV-0600 Black Curves, 14G, 2 Gems
BV-0700 BV 14G, 16G Curved Spikes
Black Titanium Coated Captive Rings
BR0100 Black CBR, 16G
BR0100 Black Titanium Coated Stainless Steel, Captive Bead Rings
BR0103 Black CBR, 14G
BR1020 Black Segment Ring
BR0200 Black CBR, 16G, 1-Gem, Multi-Gem
BR0205 Black CBR, 14G Multi-Gem
BR0300 Black CBR, 14G w- Gem
Black Titanium Coated Labret
BL-0100 Black Labret, 14G Ball, Spike, Gem
Black Titanium Coated Straight Barbells
BB-0100 Black BB, 14G with Gem End
BB-0200 Black BB, 14G Ball Ends
BB-0300 Black BB, 14G, Multi-Gem Ball
BT-0100 Black Twisters

"B" as first letter always means Black Titanium Coated