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  Iron Wood with Blonde Inlay Gauge Plugs for pierced ears.

 WB7417 Flared Inserts Wood Tunnel

Flared Inserts
Wood Tunnel
8mm $13.00/Pair   24mm $18.00/Pair
10mm $16.00/Pair   26mm $18.00/Pair
12mm $16.00/Pair   28mm $19.00/Pair
14mm $16.00/Pair   30mm $22.00/Pair
16mm $16.00/Pair   32mm $22.00/Pair
18mm $18.00/Pair   34mm $24.00/Pair
20mm $18.00/Pair   36mm $24.00/Pair
22mm $18.00/Pair   38mm $26.00/pair
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