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 316L is The Industry Standard, Safely used for 25 years in 10s of millions of Safe piercings in U.S.

   SL16, 16 Gauge Labret SL1401  See more Bulk Jewelry Offers

Also see 5/8" to 1-Inch

16 Gauge Labret 
Micro Ball
Industry Standard 316L Stainless Steel
-- Cannot Mix Sizes for Bulk Prices --

1/4"  3mm Ball

BULK Buyer
SL16G, Labret (Ball)
1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2

1+Up $0.33
25+Up $0.28
100+Up $0.19
5/16"  3mm Ball
 3/8" 3mm Ball
7/16" 3mm Ball
1/2" 3mm Ball
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   SL16, 16 Gauge Long Bar Labret SL1406

Also see 1/4" to 1/2-Inch

16 Gauge Labret
Micro Ball
Labret 16 Gauge
316L Stainless Steel

#SL1406, Long Sizes, Micro Ball

 5/8" 3mm Ball $0.96/Each
3/4" 3mm Ball
1-Inch 3mm Ball

14G Plain Ball  16G Plain Ball   18G Plain Ball


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