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   SL0101, SL14, 14G Labret

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14 Gauge Labret  #SL0101
Industry Standard 316L Stainless Steel
-- Cannot Mix Sizes for Bulk Prices --

1/4"  4mm Ball

BULK Buyer
SL14G, Labret (Ball)
1/4, 5/16, 3/8,
7/16, 1/2.

1+Up $0.33
25+Up $0.28
100+Up $0.19
5/16"  4mm Ball
 3/8" 4mm Ball
7/16" 4mm Ball
1/2" 4mm Ball

14 Gauge Labret
Labret 14 Gauge
316L Stainless Steel

# SL0109, Large Ball


5mm Ball 1-99 $0.33/Each
100+up $0.30/Each


5mm Ball
1/2" 5mm Ball

14 Gauge Labret
Labret 14 Gauge
316L Stainless Steel

# SL0106, Long Sizes, Regular Ball

 5/8" 4mm Ball $0.96/Each
3/4" 4mm Ball
1-Inch 4mm Ball

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316L  is The Industry Standard.  F138 is not the Best Choice for body jewelry.
Safe usage over time is the criteria when choosing a product according to ASTM Standards themselves.
Factory grade commercially available 316L (not F-138) has been and is SAFELY used for more than 30 years in tens of millions of piercings by tens of thousands of piercers.
Don't be fooled by the F138 false arguments. It's all about the money to line their pockets tricking you into buying more expensive jewelry that does not offer any benefits
Would anyone buy a frying pan at ten times the price because it can withstand 1000 degrees?
F-138 is a scam. There is no such things as F138 compliant body jewelry.

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