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Gem Nose Screw
Press Set Gem, Not glued.
Can be Autoclaved. 19 Gauge S/S
Colors may be mixed for BULK Buyer
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Dark Blue
Clear Gem
Light Blue

BULK Buyer
Gem Nose
Screw Back


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25+Up $0.49
100+Up $0.35
The 19G tail will fit snugly into the end
of the special #17G Needle,
Mfg & Invented Only by Unimax
for Nose piercing.
Description: Nose Body Piercing Jewelry
Class 1:316L Surgical Implant Stainless Steel.  Type: Body Piercing Jewelry.
(State of California definition)
316L is
the Industry Standard Metal for all Initial Body Piercings.
Uses: For placement in a New Body Piercing or mucous membrane
Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Contains small parts.
If swallowed or if irritation or a rash lasts contact your health care provider.