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NOS-040 2mm Gem 316L Nose Gem Screw

Clear 2mm Gem
Screw Back
Nose Piercing
Prong Setting


40 Pieces
Display Box

Custom 19G 316L
Custom 17G Needle
Perfect Fit
into back of
Unimax Custom Needle
Order #17G Needles
Pouch or
Bulk (Non Sterilized)

To Order: Use the Numbers listed.
Description: Nose Body Piercing Jewelry
Class 1:316L Surgical Implant Stainless Steel.  Type: Body Piercing Jewelry.
(State of California definition)
Uses: For placement in a New Body Piercing or mucous membrane
Warning: Keep out of reach of children. Contains small parts.
If swallowed or if irritation or a rash lasts contact your health care provider.