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Do It Yourself Biological Testing for Steam Autoclaves
Test your own autoclaves on your premises.
Faster than Mail-away, 100% Accurate.

Results in 24 Hours

Ampoules   Replacement Parts

Consult with local laws before making purchase.
Some places do not accept self-testing.

Complete Instructions included. Very easy to use.
1. Place the ampoule (BI) in a pouch and autoclave the pouch in a      regular load.
2. Remove the pouch after the cycle and remove the BI from the pouch.
3. Turn on the Incubator and allow to heat up for 10 minutes. Check that   thermometer reading is within the range of 55-60C.
4. Label and Place the sterilized BI in one of the holes in the incubator
5. Label and place a non-sterilized Matching Lot No. BI ("BI-Control") in another hole.
5. Check them in 24 hours to see if they have changed color.
The non-sterilized tester BI will have turned yellowish indicating growth.
The sterilized BI should still be bluish (if sterilization was successful).
If your sterilize BI has not changed color but remains blueish-purple you have passed biological testing.
It is that simple.
4. Keep a written record of your tests to meet any regulations.
Clean-up:  Sterilize the Control BI (that showed growth by turning yellowish) or failed tests for 30 minutes and then discard both BIs in normal trash.
Additional BI's for your testing, as low as $ 2.36
BIs purchased for In-House testing do not include Testing.
Do not send the tests to Unimax.

Special Set-up Price: $ 276.00 Complete Kit
Everything you need.
Certified and Validated Thermometer
Ampoule Crusher
5-Pack of BI (Biological Indicator) Ampoules
Complete Instructions
Validation Certificate


Important Information and Notice:

Check with your local HD if regulations permit or exclude In-house testing before purchasing.

In-house testing is especially relevant if regulations require less than Monthly testing.
For example, it would be inappropriate to require weekly testing while requiring outside processing. The turn around time would be longer than the next scheduled test.  In house testing should be allowed with periodic outside testing. That would make sense.

The push is on to test daily or even every load, holding the items for the spore test results before allowing them into use. 

Anything considered "Implant" does require a validating spore test before use and must not be used without one.

All autoclaves that are not automatic MUST spore test every load and hold the items for a "negative growth" result before being put into use.