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  The Unimax Tattanator,  ELEGANT ! - NO OTHER POWER SUPPLY CAN DO IT!
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"The power supply that beats them all..."

Unimax wants you to try the Tattanator without risk.
Get it Free.
Not returnable. If you don't want it later on
just return the machine and we will convert it back to an
old style power supply clip cord type machine
and send it back to you (also without charge: USA only).

A special offer: One Tattanator-ready Coil Machine, $150 and get a
--- Unimax TATTANATOR --- Technology  ---

FASTER - SMOOTHER - Fine tune a SOFT Hit or Hard Hit.


The following explanation is not required to use The Tattanātor.

No Need for a Lot of Instruction.  (It's about time, don't you think?)
Totally Intuitive.  Tune your machine in minutes. No training required.

The Tattanātor is a device that enables Tattoo Artists to easily and quickly find the best speed and force for a given coil machine, as it is constructed and adjusted at that moment.  It does this by separating the electronics from the frame by means of electronic rather than mechanical switching. 

Speed is user selectable by turning the left dial from 60 to 120 hits per second, measured in Hertz (Hz).  The right dial controls the duty cycle from 10 to 65%. The contact screw on the tattoo machine limits the stroke length.

The interaction of speed, duty cycle, stroke length, and the mechanical properties of the tattoo machine determine the stroke-hit force.  Pre-Tattanātor mechanically switching tattoo machines was very difficult to because tuning is the result of the interaction between speed, duty cycle, and stroke length.

The Tattanātor makes it extremely easy to make adjustments, and in real-time see how they affect machine performance.  The best running parameters can now be “dialed-in”. 

The Tattanātor is intuitive and requires virtually no instruction.  It is quick, easy and fun.

Teachers and Promising Artists can be liberated from the up-hill battle
with the mechanics of the coil machine during initial learning.

The Tattanātor makes the Science of Tattoo Machine Possible.
This was never possible before.

Besides being able to set and tune a coil machine by dialing the right settings, it is a learning tool because everything is now objective, measurable, quantifiable ( expressed in numbers ). In other words, The Tattanātor has created the Science of Tattoo Machine Performance. For the first time everything can be scientifically compared in numbers: machines, coils, springs, how frames effect performance. For builders and designers a new generation of designs is now possible because the frame is independent of the electronics, the contact screw now only controls stroke length, the "contact" function as well as the capacitor are obsolete.

A New Period of Discovery.

This is its greatest contribution: Benchmarking replaces empty rhetoric. Now the job of Tattoo Artists and Machine Designers and Builders is to develop the actual standards and determine the speed and forces necessary for the best, most effective tattooing. This is the beginning of the period of discovery, the most exciting part, going where no one has gone before and it is open to anyone.

Unimax has a long history of innovations
but having been chosen to develop and market the
Tattanātor has been an Honor.
Unimax is Happy to Present New life for an Old Technology.
The Science of coil machines has arrived.