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  KTAT2173, Patterns That Connect, Carl Schuster & Edmund Carpenter

#KTAT2173, Patterns That Connect
Social Symbolism in Ancient & Tribal Art
Carl Schuster & Edmund Carpenter
$175.00, Hard Cover
9" x 11-3/8", 317 Pages
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Patterns that Connect,Carl Schuster,Edmund Carpenter
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A Note: In a letter to Wes Wood, Tricia Allen, Polynesian Tattoo Authority, Author and Tattooist writes:
"It [Patterns That Connect] brings back memories of reading Schuster's works 20 years ago... the illustration on pg 131 is not Marquesan, but from Fais-- the same body suit that the guys in Hilo are reviving (see attached)!  And the chapter drawing on Ch. 4 is from Tikopia, a Polynesian outlier, but I bet you spotted those right off.  Regardless, it's a great compilation of images!"

Edmund Carpenter
12 Books, 3 Vol.
3,500 Pages
7,000 Illustrations
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Patterns that Connect
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Patterns that Connect
by Schuster & Carpenter
#KTAT2173, $175.00
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