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Hawk Pen Tapered Grip
Tapered to 21mm  $35.00
#PENGRIP21T  (Tapered)
Order separately.
Hawk Pen Straight Grip
Straight 25mm  $35.00
#PENGRIP25S  (Straight)
Comes with Pen.

Own the Cheyenne Hawk PEN for $599.00

Free Hawk Pen Stand
Free Box Contamination-Free
Barrier Sleeves
( Unnecessary Sterilizing )
with purchase of Pen
Free Package of Cartridge Holders,
Prevents Roll-Around of Cartridges

Cheyenne Spirit Loaners available in case of malfunction.

Backed by Unimax Experience
Cheyenne Hawk Technology from Unimax
Unimax Supply Co. New York, N.Y.  1-800-9-UNIMAX (986-4629)
UnimaxWest, Arlington, Texas 1-866-909-1944