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Tattoo Machines for Professional use only.

All Original Micro-Engineered Unimax Parts
The only "Authentic" Reproduction. Original, Functional and Real. Every Part Works 1-1/4" Tall

Miniature Tattoo Machine $ 69.95
Souped-Up Version in Stock
and Stronger.

Available with 2-Pack X-tra Strong 9 Volt Eveready Batteries
$ 3.95/2-Pack
Clip Cord and Finger-Operated "On/Off Foot Switch"
$ 9.95

Runs on 9 Volt Battery
and regular
Tattoo Power Supplies.

Mini Machine # RA-7M Mini      $ 69.95
(Includes Needle and Tube)
Actual Relative Sizes shown

 - Complete with
One "Single" Needle Bar and Tube.
Power Supply  and Clip Cord Extra.

Order the Miniature Machine # RA-7M
Replacement needles $ 2.25 each



Original Ron Acker Full Size shown for comparison.
Original Ron Ackers no longer available.