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Tattoo Machine Troubleshooting
#A132 Machine does not run


The Armature Bar is jammed down
and touching the front coil.
It cannot move up and down.
At rest, the armature bar is not touching
the front coil. Room to go up and down.
Armature Bar Setting Troubleshooting Answer # A132
Problem Machine does not run.
Because Armature Bar is not in proper position. It is jammed
down on coils.
Check Armature Bar Spacing with machine off.
1. The armature bar should be above the coils, 
and not touching the coils. 
2. Contact screw must be touching the front spring.
Why Space must be left between the armature bar 
and the coils  so that the armature bar can 
go up and down.  
Cause The Contact Screw is turned too far down and pressing the entire
Armature Bar Assembly down onto the coils. It cannot move up and down.
Remedy Unscrew (Back-Off) the Contact Screw
to provide clearance.

Also see  needle insertion in tube.

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