Internationally Recognized and Authorized
269 Canal St., NY NY 10013
1-800-9-UNIMAX,   212-925-1051
Fax to: 212-925-7424
Limitations & Terms
International Orders    
Minimum Order
Shipping Costs
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All prices listed are Wholesale Prices (not Retail). 
First Time ordering?
COD is NOT an option for First Time Orders

First-time customers must use
Credit Card, or , or Prepay with a money order.  
Subsequent orders can be shipped COD.

Do not expect "Retail" liberal return and exchange policies
There are no returns. Check your order carefully.

Returns:  Returns can be made up to 7 days after you receive an item
that is defective or incorrect.
You agree that you will examine your shipment within 7 days
and any claim will be made within that time.

We apologize for any defect in products and assure you we will do
our best to remedy all problems.

Defective items will be either replaced or repaired at no charge. No refunds. 
For fast friendly service call 212-925-1051 - have your invoice number ready.

These items are Not Returnable for Credit:

Printed items, inks, needles, body jewelry,
medical supplies, videos and CDs are sold as is 
and are not returnable for credit.

Items that have become
contaminated or may have become contaminated, such as
Sterilizers, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Power Supplies,
Tattoo Machines
must be disinfected prior to servicing and have no visible soiling.
Items returned with visible soiling or ink stain
will be charged a $ 50.00 disinfecting fee.
Save special packing material if a return is necessary.
Returns must be in undamaged original packaging.
If original packing is damaged there may be a service fee of $ 15.00
Call before sending anything.
Returns must be made in boxes or padded mailers
that offer protection for the items returned.

Never return anything in a plain envelope. (For example, jewelry.)
If you send jewelry in an envelope and the mail smashes it or
tears it from the envelope no credit is issued.
Use a mailer package or box.

There is no compensation available for items damaged in transit.

Returns should be addressed to:

Unimax Supply Co. Returns
269 Canal Street
New York, N.Y. 10013