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Piercing Clip  Safety - Simplicity - Convenience
Technologically Advanced for Piercing, Invented by Wes Wood
Piercing Clips - Pre-Packs

EO Gas Processed   Disposable
Individual Peel-Back Blister Packs
1 - 24, $0.99/Ea
25 - 99, $0.89/Ea
100 + $0.79/Ea
Mini Smooth #PC-101, Gas Processed.
Micro Size great for eyebrows, sensitive and small piercings.
Low Pressure, smooth surface.
EO Gas processed. Ready to use.
Regular Smooth #PC-102, Gas Processed.
Medium Size for medium depth
light piercings.
Low pressure, smooth surface.
EO Gas processed. Ready to use.
#PC-103, Gas Processed.
Round with teeth, long length,
rubber band notches.
EO Gas processed. Ready to use.
#PC-104, Gas Processed.
Triangular with teeth, long length, rubber band notches.
EO Gas processed. Ready to use.
#PC-105, Gas Processed.
(same style as #PC-103)
Round with teeth, long length,
rubber band notches.
EO Gas processed. Ready to use.
#PC-106, Gas Processed.
(same style as #PC-104)
Triangular with teeth, long length, rubber band notches.
EO Gas processed. Ready to use.

Modern Design -- Customer-Friendly
Piercing Clips
Compare to coming at the customer with
Stainless Steel "Hospital" tools.
Anything that helps to calm "nervous" clients is good.
Anything that is "scary" is bad.
The argument is strong.

Piercing ClipsTM
Piercing Clips
Cheaper than reprocessing Metal tools.
It costs about $1.25 to re-process tools.
Not counting time and investment in equipment..

Disposable -- Single-Use
USA Gas Processing
Lot Number Certificates
Piercing Clip

Piercing is not a medical procedure, but an extension of ear piercing to the eyebrow, nose, navel, nipple, lip and other suitable areas. Piercing can be a stepping stone to medical careers, but you don't have to be medically trained to do piercing.

The Piercing Clip is a good move away from looking like hospital-use because the Piercing Clip is designed for Piercing. It is a relief and refreshing to move into our own realm with our own tools developed for our needs, not used in the operating room.

We do piercing, not open infection-prone surgery.
Piercing Clips are simple, safe, and effective.

Free Trial

Welcome to UNIMAX
 Not just a "s-s-s-sales" company.

Built in Spring for Tension.

Use with or without a Rubber Band.
Also see traditional forcep design
Disposable Plastic Forcep

It's true.. we don't have problems piercing with traditional medical tools.
It took a little practice to perfect our skills.
Do we refuse technological change because it requires training? Do we reject tools that are cheaper, more efficient and better for our customers because it takes a few times to "get" it.

Like anything else, we have to get used to them.
The reality is - they work.
And the new Piercing Clips with larger grooves holds better on
wet mucosa and larger customers.
Use them with a rubber band for more holding power.

Unimax Invention: Piercing Clips™
Minimizes Discomfort for your client:
No Rough Teeth. No Sharp Edges.
Doesn't hurt. Always CLEAN.
Teeth slightly curved inward.
Try it on your own eyebrow.
Painless. Does not fall off.
Slotted for easy removal.
And does not require holding to stay in place.
No juggling act.
And best of all:
No Hazardous decontamination,
No Cleaning,
No Packaging,
No Sterilizing.

Order a Free Trial Pack.

No tool Discoloration.
Stainless Steel tarnishes and the teeth stain.  We work very hard to clean them. They never quite look like new again.  They cost money so we push the envelope and use them longer than we might.

No Clean-up
Cleaning and the space and facilities necessary for reprocessing are difficult to construct, the employees difficult to monitor and the record keeping difficult to maintain to meet modern standards...if we could ever really do it.
It is Best Practice to switch to all disposables.

No need to spend money for inventory that will get broken, will disappear, will become unattractive. 

We are not in a hospital, we don't wear masks and gowns. We don't do open "infection-prone" surgery.  We Pierce.

Unimax Second Generation Clips are available that enhance and improve the ability to hold on slippery skin without hurting the customer. They are pressure adjustable to work the way you are used to. With or without a rubber band.
Third Generation
#PC-105 and #PC-106.

As piercers, we develop dexterity holding the forcep and the cork in one hand while piercing with the other hand -- like a juggler.  No problem because there was no other way to do it, except free-hand.  Free-hand without a cork is an ego-trip because ego says how great I am forgetting it is un-safe for the customer and for you. Egotism sometimes trumps safety. Corks should be used, even by experts because anyone can experience the unexpected. That's what the spirit of  safety is about.

It would be a violation of OSHA safety standards to use closed end forceps rather than "slotted" forceps because a slotted tool eliminates a hazardous step.

Not to use a cork is unsafe because you are exposing yourself to injury when an alternative of protection is available and can be used so that you do not have to needlessly handle an uncovered sharp.
Free-hand piercing is unacceptable, and OSHA agrees with our conclusion.

Piercing Clips are light, they literally stick out from the skin, as if floating on air and don't require contortion-ism while reaching for the needle.  Look at the picture. You only need to let it rest upon your hand and concentrate on safety.
This is good.

"We are proud to invent and produce
State-of-the-Art Tools for Tattoo and Piercing."
Wes Wood, Pres., Unimax Supply Co Inc

 Inventive, Creative, Technologically Advanced Ideas