TOUR ORDER Piercing Index 2012 Unimax

   PT1302, Micro-Dermal Tools     Micro Dermal Jewelry

#PT1302 Holds 2mm Top $5.50/Ea
#PT1303 Holds 3mm Top $5.50/Ea
#PT1304 Holds 4mm Top $5.50/Ea
#PT1305 Holds 5mm Top $5.50/Ea
#PT1306 Holds Star Top $5.50/Ea
#PT1312 Curvette
Holds, 16G, 14G, 12G Post
Insertion and Removal Tool
#PT1307 Works with all Unimax Micro Dermals
And all Internally Threaded 14G Bars
Piercing Punches
Ready to Use.
Perfect cutting circle.
Quality - Made in Japan.
$3.50/Each, Box of 50 $125.00
#PT1421 Used for 14 Gauge 1.5mm
#PT1422 Used for 12 Gauge 2mm
#PT1423 Used for 8 Gauge 3mm
#PT1424 Used for 8 Gauge 3.5mm
#PT1425 Used for 6 Gauge 4mm
#PT1426 Used for 4 Gauge 5mm
#PT1427 Used for 2 Gauge 6mm
#PT1428 Used for 0 Gauge 8mm

Flexible Non-sticking Plastic
Autoclavable.   Slightly curved to fit contours

And Now
Micro-Dermal Hold-down

Helps changing tops.
Slides on, fits snug.
$0.25/Ea, $0.18Ea/100

Dermal Practice Pad
Made by Unimax #PT1419
Scientifically Designed to be as close to skin as possible.
Thin layer on top.